“Eat the Danish”

Only one month until Cake4aCure 2021! We are excited to return again this year for our annual cake eating, awareness raising event dedicated to Defeating MSA! Living with MSA is a tremendous challenge in the best of times. In pandemic times, it is almost unbearable.

We lost many MSA warriors in the past year. One of them was Stacy Oliver. I never met Stacy but I read about her because she and her husband were brave enough to share her story with the world. Before she passed, Stacy wrote her own obituary. It was so uplifting that it quickly went viral, catching the attention of the national media. As I read about Stacy, I couldn’t help but think about my husband Doug who also battled MSA. Doug and Stacy obviously shared a similar zest for enjoying the good things in life. Stacy’s story is a reminder of why we Eat Cake! Read more about Stacy here: