Cake4aCure 2021

March 3, 2021

The purpose of Cake4aCure is to raise awareness of Multiple System Atrophy & raise funds for research.  Cake4aCure began when the family of an MSA patient started the tradition of eating cake for breakfast every year in his memory.  Soon others began to participate by sharing cake eating photos on social media; and now MSA warriors and families across the globe participate during the month of March by sharing cake eating pictures and videos on social media. 

The easiest way to participate in Cake4aCure is to post creative cake eating pictures on social media using the hashtags #Cake4aCure and #DefeatMSA.  Challenge family and friends to do the same.  If you know an MSA warrior, make sure you tag them in your photos so they can join the fun. 

Want to get even more involved?  Below are a few ideas.  Be creative and make it enjoyable!

  1. Host drive by events & hand out slices of cake or cupcakes to family, friends or neighbors. Have Cake4aCure website info available in case people want to learn more and/or donate. Also have collection bucket in case people want to donate on the spot.

  • Host virtual cake sales

  • Challenge MSA families to “adopt a day” in March where they honor their MSA warrior by posting cake eating pictures on the designated day.

  • Reach out to any local media connections you may have to advertise the event (especially important this year since we are limited in what we can do)

  • Purchase Cake4aCure t-shirts and post pictures/video wearing your shirts (surprise new apparel item coming soon!)

  • Host a zoom Cake4aCure event with the host sharing information about MSA. Ask participants to share their cake eating photos on their social media pages.

  • Target your cake event to something your MSA warrior enjoys.  Do they love strawberry pancakes?  Do they eat cake for breakfast?  Are they known for their love of a particular 10 layer chocolate cake?

  • For any of the cake eating events above, consider asking local bakeries to donate cakes or provide discounts or coupons.

What will you do to Eat Cake, Give Hope and Defeat MSA??

“Eat the Danish”
“Eat the Danish”

Only one month until Cake4aCure 2021! We are excited to return again this year for our annual cake eating, awareness…